NCA History Story: Carol Brewer

Carol Brewer: Gallery Owner, Curator, Mentor and President of NCA


Carol Brewer, NCA President

Carol Brewer, President of Northern California Arts Inc, gallery owner, curator, mentor, supporter of emerging artists and art advocate. Since 2006 she has been inspiring and supporting hundreds of artists who she has helped with the exhibition and sale of their work and who have gone on to be her personal and long term friends. This 2014 oral history interview by Brian Burns of Carol is the story of the Blue Moon Gallery and artist collective. Taylor Gutermute told the story of her first day visiting the gallery in this industrial area and nestled between the buildings was this beautiful Iron Gate that led you into another world of art and beauty that was refreshing to see. Listen to Carol describe the story of her vision to open a gallery. A friendship with Ken Potter would lead to being the Northern California Art agent of the Ken Potter artwork. This deep relationship with many of the most significant Northern California artists is captured in Carol’s warm and very conversational style.

Hundreds of artists in the past 15 years have been inspired and supported by Carol and John Brewer, Curators and Owners of the Blue Moon Gallery and recently at the ACAI gallery in Fair Oaks. The following testimonials by Kanika Marshall and Anne Bradley were similar in their memories by many others.

Kanika Marshal wrote, “The Blue Moon Gallery was an oasis of creativity. Artists of every genre commingled and thrived under Carol and John’s sensitive leadership. Their encouragement to enlarge my clay and welded steel sculptures for their outdoor garden area, furthered my art career.”

Anne Bradley wrote, “I met Carol & John Brewer when they began Blue Moon Gallery. They created a welcome atmosphere for artists and art collectors alike. They both have a creative flair for showcasing various artists works as well as clever creative displays. It has been my honor and pleasure to be an artist in their gallery and look forward to the next endeavor.”


  • Wow. My dear friend Carol for these many years. This gave me tears of joy and pride of your confidence and love that you have shared with so many of us. Lucky us! Bravo!

  • very impressive interview by my dear niece who had a vision

  • Carol Brewer is a treasure!

    With professionalism, she encouraged many of us “new artists” to have confidence in our work, and to dig deeper into our artististic expressions, while lovingly representing us.

    Personally, I am eternally grateful to her for all she has done for me as an artist. Under her mentorship, I had amazing experiences and opportunities that I may not have otherwise had.

    The fellowship between artists and patrons in our community continually blossom through her, making many lifetime friendships.

    I wish Carol and John much success as they continue to move forward❤

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