Board Positions

Serving on the NCA board is a rewarding experience! If you are interested in serving on the board in the future, we suggest volunteering to assist the board member in a position that interests you.  They will be glad for the help, and you will be well equipped to step into the role in the future. See the Schedule for meeting dates & times.


The president makes sure the NCA organization run smoothly, leads meetings and events, and acts as the link to bring everyone together, help solve problems, and bring good news and concerns to the board.

1st Vice President – Programs & Workshops

Finds and invites talented and interesting artists to our NCA meetings so they can share their expertise with our membership. If their area of expertise is a skill that they can teach at a workshop we try to make those available, too.

2nd Vice President – Public Relations & Marketing

Links with Sacramento Fine Arts Center’s Marketing Director and Northern California Arts’ Board Chairs to help advertise shows and events using social media and press.

Past President

The Past President acts as an advisory to the board of directors.


The primary duty of the Secretary is to record, distribute and archive the minutes of the monthly Board meetings.  Also, the Secretary is to keep track of important documents such as the By-Laws.


The treasurer is responsible for corporation’s funds and financial records, the collection of income and expenditures and maintain accounting procedure for the handling of the corporation’s funds.


The Liaison brings NCA concerns/events to SFAC board and reports back to NCA what happened at the SFAC board meetings.

Newsletter Editor

Gathers the information about NCA events for a bi-monthly newsletter that is distributed on the NCA website and via email as a section in the comprehensive SFAC newsletter.

Internet Technology

Maintains the NorCalArtsInc website to keep both news and reference information handy for members, potential members, and site visitors.

Membership Chair

Keeps track of current membership, coordinating with the Sacramento Fine Arts Center, and sends group emails to members.

Show Chair

Each of NCA’s annual shows has a separate Show Chair who recruits volunteers and coordinates the overall process of holding a show.


Oversees setup and cleanup of decor and refreshments at NCA events.


Handles correspondence to NCA members and associates with expressions of gratitude and support.


Manages the NCA historical archives.