Meet the Board

About the NCA Board

January 2018 Board Meeting

The Northern California Arts, Inc. board members work hard to keep our organization running. 

The NCA Board of Directors meets the first Wednesday of every month.  Board members are elected in November, and serve beginning January 1st. If you’re interested in joining our board or volunteering, CONTACT us!

Meet the NCA Board Members

2018 NCA Board

President – Brandi Pfleider
1st. VP Programs – Leslie Wentworth & Phyllis Brady
2nd. VP PR and Marketing – vacant
Secretary – Barbara Marshal
Treasurer – Joan Hall
Liaison with SFAC – Phyllis Brady
Past President – Diana Licon
Annual Open Show – Paul Dessau / Diana Licon
Aspiring Artist Show – vacant
Membership Show (Artistic Journey) Chair – Barbara Marshal
Raffles – Marie Crockett
Awards – vacant
Artist Standing – Paul Dessau
Hospitality – Carla Nabity  and Barbara Marshal
Courtesy – Bobbie Lou Hunt
Newsletter Editor – Meriel Wisotsky
Internet Technology – Stephanie Lindsay
Membership Coordinator – Elizabeth Hendrix
Featured Artist Coordinator – Paul Dessau
Historian - vacant