Featured Artists: Peggy Colombo and Linda Nunes

The collaborative cold wax, oil, and mixed media work “Bunny Dreams” won the vote at NCA’s first ever virtual General Meeting for May 2020. This makes Peggy Colombo and Linda Nunes our first joint Featured Artists as well. Congratulations both of you!

“”Bunny Dreams” a collaborative work by Peggy Colombo and Linda Nunes; encaustic mixed media.

The text on the tree reads:

“Words form the bases for every good thing. I must remember to use my words wisely and be kind always.”

About “Bunny Dreams”

There are no incorrect answers when describing the scene in Bunny Dreams; a collage, cold wax and mixed media art piece that just happen to be collaboration between Linda Nunes and Peggy Colombo. It didn’t start out that way. It wasn’t really a planned alliance. Peggy started the piece laying down beautiful pieces of distressed papers and giving an outline for the great tree. She had also added warm colors to the sky. The piece was then given to Linda to finish. Collaboration is always a unique process between artists and not the first time for Linda. It’s a give and take where nothing can be precious to the artists involved.

When Linda received the piece it seemed magical, with a calling of sorts—to keep the whimsy and mystery that was already there. So, more color, more collage elements, and more paint were added, until the piece was finished to Linda’s satisfaction.

“In general I would rather that the observer creates their own story about the work, but especially when viewing the sweet vintage sisters, bunny, window and magic tree.” This is an offering to the one who takes the time to really see, to imagine for themselves their own story in Bunny Dreams.”

Linda Nunes, Artist, with her public art project “New Land” a Sacramento Area Rapid Transit Light Rail train

Linda Nunes

Linda Nunes is an encaustic and mixed media artist with works in many private and public collections. Learn more about Linda’s art and workshops at, lnunesart.com.

Peggy Colombo, mixed media artist

Peggy  Colombo

Peggy Colombo is the First Vice President on the Sac Arts Center Board of Directors, and heads up The Mix, a mixed media special interest group that meets there.



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