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Elizabeth Hendrix

I grew up on the East coast loving horses and art. Following my passion for Dressage I became a successful trainer and competitor for 20+ years. Finally, ending up in the East Bay running my own business. Several years ago an illness forced me to reevaluate my life’s direction. After developing a facial neuralgia that makes it painful to be

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Sally Durante

I have been claiming, “I’m an artist” since before I was five years old.  It has always made me feel like my true self to be drawing or painting.  By the time I entered high school the head of the art department created a curriculum for me to follow for the entire next 4 years.  I had to give up all

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Joan McMurray

Joan McMurray Oils, Pastels, Silk Dyes As you can see I paint what catches my eye, something unusual, I started painting with oils.  They are my first love.  You can do so much with oils, paint it on thin, thick, layer it, scrape it off.   I have been painting with pastels and took classes with the well-known artist, Margot

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