Tanya Jenkins


Tanya Jenkins (and students)

The creative process for me is a messy endeavor, consumed by searching, hunting, and never finding in full. In the development of my work I am always teetering between fulfillment and discontent, but somehow finding comfort in both.

In this collection, I strived to let go.  I attempted to free myself and not control every form and detail in the work. I let the materials make some of the decisions.  I let the weight of the clay dictate the curve of a vessels wall, and I worked with hard surfaces to apply paint. The more I let go of my usual “hyper detail” approach to my work, the more fluid my vessels became. These organic forms began to capture movement. With strong movement, I felt the sensation of letting go.  This process encouraged me to be more exploratory in form and not shy away from color.
An important part of my creative process is coaching students in their artwork.  I have the opportunity to see art through their eyes, which transforms and challenges my own view.  Teaching art is a symbiotic relationship in which we both benefit. I am very proud of the sculptures, pottery, and paintings my students produced for this show. Their creativity and willingness to takes risk in their work is not only inspiring to me, but also their peers.

Ceramic sculptural bowl by Tanya Jenkins

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