Andrea Higginbotham

I’m an art appreciator, my oldest child is 8 years old, and before he was born my husband started one of those learn to draw in 100 days books. I got jealous and started drawing too. Then came art classes at the Smithsonian and Washington Studio School in Washington, DC. We moved to Carmichael nearly two years ago and I’ve taken classes here. I’m more comfortable, but still wouldn’t consider myself an artist. I really appreciate the more skilled and experimental artists. I enjoy watercolor, charcoal, and currently enjoying a great collage course. My previous professional career centered around book publishing in a variety of forms.


Very excited to be a part of a collectively creative and kind community.



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  • Welcome to Carmichael & have you found Sacramento Fine Arts center off Walnut & Gibbons Dr? They request you call & make an appointment (call first) to visit the galleries; not sure if they’ve fully reopened yet.
    Have you already heard about “Tuesday Art paint” 4-7pm? Regarding Tuesday Paint: Not sure when they’ll go back to the 4:00 – 9:00pm hours…? Stop in and see if they are fully open.

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