Vanesa Bondon

Vanessa Bondon

Vanessa Bondon

I have played on the fringes of various art techniques all my life but, as a career, I stifled my creative side to run a tax and bookkeeping firm for many years.  Later in life I decided to open a door into the art world with my own gift shop and craft studio.  During those years I immersed myself in the world of art materials, techniques, and media.

It has now been quite a few years since I discovered my passion: fusing glass. Starting in glass as a jewelry artist, I have progressed to what can loosely be described as mosaics, consisting of both “glass on glass” creations and compositions adhered to weather-friendly Hardy Board or wood which I cut to shape with a skill saw, files and other tools. 

Each work begins with a very well-thought-out plan that tries to anticipate how the glass will react under heat starting at 1300 degrees and higher.  However, the finished product is never as originally planned because no matter how much planning, the pieces will only reveal their requirements as the work progresses.   The “deeper meaning” of my work is simply beauty for the sake of beauty with perhaps a bit of whimsy thrown in.  I am simply excited by the colors and light as reflected in the glass.

I like to experiment with various techniques and have incorporated glass painting; “freeze and fuse” methods; glass pressing; tempered and recycled glass; various inclusions such as copper and wire; and other techniques with more to come.

Among the artists who have influenced my work are, Henri Rousseau (without the violence) and Laurel Burch, I love, love, love, her colors and subjects.  The most prominent inspiration I receive from among the many artists who share my media comes from Leslie Perlis.  She is a San Diego based artist whose work turned me on to dimensional cut-out mosaics, not to mention much color and whimsy.   She also inspired my near life-sized works in which I find much enjoyment in creating.  Although I am influenced from many sources, I continually strive to develop my own style.  Every piece I create must be an inspired challenge. 

Blackbird - by Vanessa Bondon

Blackbird – by Vanessa Bondon

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Tiger Twins - work by Vanessa Bondon

Tiger Twins – work by Vanessa Bondon

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