Sally Durante

IMG_9142I have been claiming, “I’m an artist” since before I was five years old.  It has always made me feel like my true self to be drawing or painting.  By the time I entered high school the head of the art department created a curriculum for me to follow for the entire next 4 years.  I had to give up all other electives and it was a very easy and good exchange, so I agreed to the terms.  After I graduated from HS, I went into a nursing program and worked my way through with art commissions of portraits of people and animals and murals throughout southern CA.  I married and had a family and moved from Southern VA to Sacramento and raised 3 children and changed to another career choice.  I retired after 35 years of state service with the State Controllers Office and since then I am totally centered in my art.

Since I could hold a pencil I have been drawing or creating art.  It is my energy.  I have painted many commission portraits, murals and paintings consistently throughout my lifetime.  I have taught pastel classes and also children’s art through Montessori schools.

I feel art allows me to create and express my emotions and add some beauty to the world.  Hopefully it will inspire or make the on-looker enjoy an experience too.

Since retirement I have been very active with the Sacramento Fine Arts Center and Northern California Arts, Inc., (NCA) as their President for two years.

Many artists have inspired me.  Those I paint with now and especially by: Reif Ericsson, Michelangelo, William Adolphe Bouguereau, Mabro Barnard, Caravaggio, James Bama, Margot Schulszte, Francesco Hayez, Norman Rockwell, D. Neville, Jean-Leone Gerome, Scott Prior, Daniel Greene, Francois Lepage, Susan Sykes, and many, many more!

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