In November NCA is proud to present! IMPRESSIONS:   

a collaboration between the Print Making Club at Sac State and Northern California Arts, Inc. 

Exhibit will be in Gallery 3 at Sac Arts.

Impressions Print Show

Coordinators, representing Print Making Club at Sac State Summer Ventis
Pronouns: she/her/hers Associate Professor, Printmaking Department of Art California State University, Sacramento and Carol Brewer NCA Board of Directors Past President

Print Making club at Sac State Co-chairs statements

Print Making Club President

Victoria Kinyanjui (she/they) is a student at Sac State majoring in Printmaking and Drawing and getting a certificate in Curatorial Studies. Currently in her last semester, Victoria is interested in learning more about curation, art handling, and conservation.


Print Making Club Treasurer

Jade Jacobs is an artist based out of Sacramento originally from Southern California. American River College alum with associates in fine art, gallery management and German language; where she started her earliest print making process. Her studio practice is hosted at E Street Gallery where she creates her prints and curates gallery exhibitions. Currently in her last year of BFA at Sacramento State University, she will be on path to a Master’s in printmaking


Print Making Club Member

Julian Esparza is a Sac State student who started his second year this fall after transferring from the Los Rios Community College District. Spring of 2023 was his first semester majoring in Fine Arts so he is looking to expand his horizons through getting involved with the print club at Sac State.

Susan Sylvester

Susan Silvester

We are so very pleased that Susan Silvester is  this year’s Awards Judge for the Impressions; collaboration between Print Making Club at Sac State and Northern California Arts, Inc.

Susan Silvester – Artist Statement

As a multidisciplinary artist and printmaker with a MA in Studio Arts from Sac State and a BFA in Art History and Fine Arts, my work has been widely exhibited and often incorporates a variety of printmaking techniques, including relief, intaglio, and planographic printing. While my focus is on representing the world around me as I see it, I am also knowledgeable about and appreciate the diverse range of genres in art, from abstract to figurative. There are many different ways to describe an artist’s style, and I understand these different descriptors and appreciate the diversity and complexity of the art world.

My practice is informed by my technical skills in printmaking and my understanding of its historical context. As a member of the California Society of Printmakers and a board member of Myrtle Press, a printmaking facility in Sacramento, I am committed to supporting and fostering opportunities for other artists to explore the medium. Recently, I have collaborated with Pence Gallery and Myrtle Press to teach classes in Lino block printing.

My work demonstrates a mastery of traditional printmaking processes, as well as a willingness to push the boundaries of the medium and experiment with new approaches. I am fascinated by creating prints using alternative methods, especially when a press isn’t available. On my youtube channel one can follow along with a lesson on how to print a dry point etching using a pasta machine!

Overall, as an experienced printmaker with a strong background in art history, I have adeep commitment to the printmaking community.

Copy Cat By Susan Silvester

Copy Cat By Susan Silvester

Innocence in Peril By Susan Silvester

Innocence in Peril By Susan Silvester

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