Bold Expressions 2023 Show

Bold Expressions 2023 logo

68th International Open
Juried Art Exhibit

Judge: Cheryl Gleason

Show Dates:October 3- 28

2nd Saturday Reception
October 14, 2023

Sacramento Fine
Arts Center, Inc,

5330B Gibbons Dr.

Selected art for Bold Expressions exhibit showing October 3-28, 2023 at Sacramento Fine Center.  The list is arranged in alphabetical order by artist last name. Congratulations all!

Hand deliver accepted artwork on Friday, Sept. 22, 1:00-4:00PM or Saturday, Sept. 23, 9:00-1:00PM.

Any corrections please notify Show Chair Valerie Birkhoff, (575)-574-5662 Email:

1. Patricia Abraham
Mystical Journey
Watermedia on Paper

2. Patricia Abraham
Watermedia on Paper

3. Ant Allen
Pensive Prate
Acrylic and Oil Pastel on Canvas

4. John Angell
Artifact 1972/2023
Encaustic, mixed media, paper on wood panel

5. Pam Avery
Poised for Action
Acrylic, china marker

6. Marianne Biner
Acrylic on canvas

7. Lana Blades
Purple Rain

8. Eileen Blodgett
Lotus Spirit
acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas

9. Kate Blue
Sacred Water

10. Pattie Bowler
Give Me Credit
Vintage credit cards attached to plexy base w/acrylic paint

11. Anne Bradley
Bridges to Nowhere

12. Ann Brinkley
Iguana Federation
Paints, inks & paper

13. Victoria Brooks
Furry Mo
oil on linen

14. Ralph Broussard
And The Moon Centered Herself

15. C Budd
Fantastic Flowers

16. Judy Butler
Rogue Enamel, Glass

17. Tammy Chin
Summer blossoms in bloom

18. William Cleveland
Storm Over Jepson Praire
Acrylic on Canvas

19. Patrick Cosgrove
Old Sacramento Train at Sunset
Oil on Canvas

20. Carolyn Cunningham
From Solid to Liquid
Colored pencil

21. liz Damelio
Sunset After The Storm.

22. Maria Deely
Portobello Panama
Colored pencil

23. Rhonda Egan
Lotus Pond
Oil on wrapped canvas

24. NK Eide
Contemporary Landscape
Oil on canvas

25. Melissa Flores
Past Times
Acrylic on Canvas

26. Chloe Fonda
Watercolor on Yupo synthetic paper

27. Sue Foster
A Bird in the Hand on the Face
Wood, found objects, on steel frame

28. Patricia Fox
Barn Dog
Ink, gouache on paper

29. Sheryl French
East of The Sun
Mixed media and gold leaf on canvas

30. Karen Calden Fulk
clay/mixed media

31. Linda Galusha
Discarded Elytra ll
Acrylic on canvas

32. Susan Lee Giles
Shine On Me
Mixed media on canvas with paper and acrylic

33. chella gonsalves
wimpy’s little tug boat
Oil on panel, en plein aire

34. Yhoshua Gutierrez
Like an American
Acrylic paint, collage, and spray paint on canvas

35. Penny S. Hanscom
The Temple of Knowledge

36. Belinda Hanson
Unraveling Time
mixed media, acrylic, pastel,pencil, oil

37. Matt Harline
Sudoku in Color and Ashes
Acrylic Paint with charred wood on Wood Panel

38. Linda Heath Clark
Dream Flight
Acrylic on clay board

39. Ann Henderickson-Pantos
Lost in Spaces
Oil on Canvas

40. Randy Honerlah
Sacred Grove
acrylic on canvas

41. James Hunter
Mushroom Soup
Acrylic on Canvas

42. Conor Kavanagh
Morro Bay Tug
Acrylic on canvas

43. Conor Kavanagh
Kinsale View
Acrylic on canvas

44. Patricia Kelly, aka pk
Comfort blanket

45. Christine Kerr
Crest Theater
Oil on Canvas

46. kim klabe
Keeping Warm
wine pour, marker, pencil

47. Kathryn Knightsby
In A Fish Bowl
Acrylic and pen on canvas

48. Chris Knopp
Colors of Dance

49. Judy Knott
Dance of the Flamingos
Acrylic, paint brush, charcoal

50. sherry Krulle-Beaton
Woven Paths

51. Grace Kwak
Who Brings Hope? No.1
Acrylic on canvas

52. Skip Lee
All The Layers You Cannot See
Acrylic On Canvas

53. Frank Lopez-Motnyk
Slow Movement Variation/ Shadow Dance

54. Donald Macko
Golden Spires
Oil on canvas

55. Michelle Magnus Brown
Leap of Faith
Acrylic on Canvas

56. Michelle Magnus Brown
Sunflowers in a Green Vase
Acrylic on Canvas

57. Edward Mallory
Strings at Sand Harbor
Oil and Cold Wax

58. Susanne Mandell
Acrylic paint and paper on canvas

The Resilience of Truth
Wood metal plastic

60. Jim Marxen
Dusty Trail
Acrylic on Canvas

61. Eric McGhie
Acrylic on wood panel

62. Arron McGuire
Red Woman
Acrylic ink, acrylic paint, on wood panel

63. Carolyn McLeod
Summer Mosaic

64. Varya McMillan
Hanging In
Acrylic, oil, metal leaf

65. Rene Medina
Acrylic on wood

66. Steve Memering
Monkeys at the edge
Oil on canvas

67. Deanna Merrigan
My favorite player
Oil on canvas

68. Andrea Morris
The Heart Can’t Be Moved By Force
Oil painting

69. Richard Munoz-Moore
The clown general
Oil on canvas

70. Dafne Navarro
Charcoal, chalk pastel, charcoal powder, and graphite on paper.

71. Linda Nunes
Small House
Oil, cold wax and mixed media

72. Hamish October
Oil/Acrylic on wood panel

73. Jeff Olson
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

74. Jeff Olson
Bajadas (Copper Creek)
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

75. Taner Pasamehmetoglu
Limited Time Only
Oil on canvas

76. David Peterson
The Wall That Heals, Citrus Heights

77. The Pixeladies
Making Our Point

78. Helen Plenert

79. Joyce Sakato Rau
Ceramic, wood, plastic, art paper and metal

80. Joyce Sakato Rau
Man as Phoenix

81. Carrie Repking
Layered transfer film, ink, acrylic gel

82. Jacinto Rivera
Self Portrait at 70
Oil paint on plywood

83. Kerstin Ronsiek
Little Garden Wilderness
Oil on canvas

84. Roberta Rousos
Tell An Amazing Story
Elegant writer, watercolor and alcohol ink on paper

85. Jennifer Rugge
Under the Crackle Moon
Natural Mineral Paints, charcoal, & metal leaf on hand made/upcycled papers over wood.

86. Eileen Sitko
Acrylic on canvas

87. Gregory Smith
Hidden Portal Revealed
Acrylic on canvas

88. Maryann Steinert-Foley

89. Maryann Steinert-Foley
Big Marino
Ceramic on wood base

90. Margaret Stillwell
Heaven’s Gate
Oil, mixed media

91. Tim Sunderman
Oil on canvas

92. Margarita Tavera
California Sun
Oll on gallery canvas

93. Don A Taylor
Golden Trees

94. Azizullah Tokhai
Old Kabul
oil color

95. Gloria Vernon
Sticks and Stones
Highly pigmented water colour crystals

96. Chris Volker
River Light
Oil and Cold Wax Medium on Canvas

97. Ronald Walker
Consumption of the Natural World
Gouache on Board

98. Stephen Walters
Eugenia – Survivor
Watercolor on Cold Press Paper

99. Rose Wesley
Point Reyes Shipwreck
Soft Pastels on Pastel Paper

100. Sandy Whetstone
Not Your Model Minority
Ink on paper

101. Ed Whitmore
Apocalyptic Vision
Mixed media

102. Jeffrey Widmann
DaVinci s Dream
Acrylic paint, paper on canvas

103. Marcelle Wiggins
Speaking Not Listening
Silkscreen on paper

104. Alexandra Yakovleva
Peaceful Pisces
Oil on Canvas


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