Kate Blue

Kate Blue has been an artist since the age of 4 when she would draw on mimeograph pages of her father’s chemistry tests for his students that he would bring home for her. With three older sisters – all artists too, she was constantly competitive and learned a lot from them.  By the age of 7 she was painting in oils just like them.
Like her sisters, she majored in Art and scored several scholarships, including a complete 4 year Presidential Alumni scholarship that paid for her BFA at the University of South Dakota.  At the same time she took programming classes as computers too interested her.  At the end of college, she had to make the decision whether to spend a lifetime working for others in art or technology.  She chose to work in computers and do the art for herself.  Now retired, she is back to painting, full time.  When she was working, she would spend every lunch hour walking around doing street photography with her cel phone.  Constant practice polished her skills in composition.  After retirement, she spent a couple of years refinding her talents in brushwork.

You will see a lot of Van Gogh’s influence in her work – especially the landscapes.  Figures are her speciality.  Many of her works are based on the street photos she took in prior years.

Image of artwork of Kate Blue

Beauty Queens by Kate Blue

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