Workshop March 2021: Annie Murphy-Robinson, Sanded Charcoal Techniques

Annie Murphy Robinson presents Sanded Charcoal Techniques

3-day Workshop, scheduled for March 27-29, 2021 (Pending gathering restrictions).

Sanded Charcoal portrait of a young woman by Annie Murphy Robinson

Sanded charcoal portrait of a young woman by Annie Murphy-Robinson

  • Instructor: Annie Murphy-Robinson
  • Subject: Sanded Charcoal Techniques
  • When: MARCH 27-29 2021
  • Where: Sacramento Fine Arts Center
  • Cost: $650.


In this three-day charcoal sanding workshop, students will develop a greater use of value,and increase their understanding of light sources and their effects through learning charcoal sanding techniques. We will be creating a community of learners ready to tackle a new and demanding approach to art. Students will work on drawing from a plaster casts using the sanding method. They will be working from photographic reference as well as from life. Students can expect to learn all of the techniques required to create beautiful, rich black and white artworks; from minute details (sanding tips, different grades of sandpaper and how to deal with “problem” areas) to toning larger areas.

Please direct any questions to 1st Vice President Northern California Arts, Inc. Eric McGhie at

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This workshop is SCHEDULED FOR MARCH 27-29 2021.

Annie Murphy Robinson Workshop 2021

Anne Murphy Robinson Charcoal Workshop 2021

Anne Murphy Robinson Charcoal Workshop March 27-29 2021, hosted by NCA



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