Ruby Singh

Ruby Singh, Artist

Ruby Singh, Artist

Ruby Singh joined NCA’s Board as 2nd Vice President of Marketing for late 2019 and early 2020.

“I am in Love with Painting Art. Art gives me so much Abundance of Joy, Satisfaction when I see people enjoy my art, and that I am contributing toward our Human community. I feel Art is like a Healing Therapy, the Unconditional joy of Art gives comfort and see that every time I finish the painting the messages you all send to me, that makes my heart happy. I also try to add extra Perk with songs and videos in my paintings.

When I pick up brush and white canvas, I usually don’t know what I want to paint, Traditional, Nature, or Figures and then I get into my Joyful Mood, my Vortex and I paint all night and don’t even know that the whole night is gone, and it is morning light outside and it’s time to go to work in the morning. But I love it.”

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Ruby Singh painting "A Love Story"

“A Love Story” by Ruby Singh

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