Artist Standing Exhibit – Call to Participating Artists

Completed for 2018. We are seeking 5 artists from each of the four Artist Standing levels, to show one work apiece, on a first come, first served basis. NCA will be exhibiting information about the Artist Standing certificate program in Gallery 3, October 2nd-28th (during the Bold Expressions show).

Contact Paul Dessau or Joan McMurray to reserve your spot. Once on the list, works must be dropped off at SFAC by September 30th.  Works must be ready to hang or display and properly labeled (if you have received a certificate, you know the drill by now!)


  • is this in addition to bold expressions show? –meriel

    • Yes, this is a separate, informational exhibit that will hang in Gallery 3 at the same time as BoldX. It is informal, no prospectus, jury, or judging. I’m simply gathering sign-ups from existing Artist Standing certificate holders on a first-come basis until I have about 5 at each level – especially looking for a few Sr. Signature Artists!

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