Featured Artist: John Angell

work by John Angell - Artist of the Month

“Laos Summit” work by John Angell

John Angell – Artist of the Month

Growing up the son of a Professor of Logic and Philosophy, I learned from an early age to question the meaning of things and not to accept the obvious interpretations.  My journey into the study of art might seem the opposite direction of my father’s life work but as I once put it to him, our paths were much the same.  We each dedicated our studies to something most people would consider unnecessary in going about their daily lives, but in fact our pursuits captured the very essence of what makes us human.

My work has many influences, from centuries old Chinese and Japanese landscapes to African tribal masks, Color Field painting, Theatre of the Absurd, Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism, Hunter S. Thompson, Dada, Surrealism and the American Dream.  I am captivated by the beauty of abstraction in works of humans and nature, their intersection and the ravages of time on both.  I draw on my own adventures in living, foibles and shortcomings. 

In my work, I seek to create pieces which raise questions, poke fun and spawn contemplation.  I prefer to work small as I feel that draws the viewer in closer and makes a more personal connection.  At its best, I hope my work tells a story which is not always known to me and allows new interpretations with each new viewer.  My recent encaustic work often contains images from our travels, each with its own story.  While my lovely wife pays rapt attention to the history and meaning of the sites we visit, I am drawn to the visuals, to which I later ascribe possibly cryptic context and history through juxtaposition and interaction with the wax, color, other images and objects…   or not.  Sometimes it just is what it is.

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