Featured Artist: Penny S. Hanscom

Image of artwork of featured artist


Penny Hanscom, the NCA April artist of the month paints with fabric.  She creates intricate collages utilizing hundreds of pieces of fabric each carefully selected for their contribution to the larger composition.  She has spent the last decade developing and mastering her unique process.

Her subjects range form humorous to serious, still life to social commentary and are inspired by the people and events of daily life.  Penny also draws inspiration from art history and the great masters.  Every piece is precisely planned and meticulously executed.

Whether creating a realistic interpretation of Rene Magritte’s quiet surrealism or a humorous statement on culture her attention to detail and understanding of color and composition is evident.  Penny’s landscapes in particular possess a persuasive sense of spatial depth not often seen in the fine fiber art.

Penny’s award-winning artwork has been exhibited both locally and internationally—including Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, the California State Fair and in numerous galleries throughout Northern California.  She is represented in private collections as well as the Permanent Collection of American River College in Sacramento.

“Art is a large part of who I am and what I do,” says Penny who hopes her fastidiously made homage to art history, culture and the natural environment will appeal to viewers for their beauty and rich textural qualities.

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