Sally Durante

Image of Sally DuranteSince I could hold a pencil, I have drawing or dreating art. It is my entergy.  I have painted many commission portraits, mural and paintings consistently throught my lifetime. I have taught pastel classes and also children’s art through Montessori schools.

  I feel art allows me to create and express my emotions and add some beauty to the world.  Hopefully it will inspire or make the on-looker enjoy an experience too.

  Since retirement Ihave been very active with the Sacramento Fine Arts Center and Northern California Arts, Inc. (NCA) as their president for two years.

  Many artists have inpired me.  Those I paint with now and expecially by: Reif Ericsson, Michelangelo, William Adolphe Bouguereau, Mabro Barnard, Caravaggio, James Bama, Margot Schulszte, Francesco Havez, Norman Rockwell, D. Neville, Jean Leone Gerome, Scott Prior, Daniel Greene, Francois Lepage, Susan Sykes, and many, many more!

  I have been claiming “I’m and artist” since before I was five years old.  It has always made me feel like my true self to be drawing or painting. By the time I entered high school, the head of the art department created a curriculum for me to follow for the entire next 4 years.  I had to give up all other electives and it was a very easy and good exchange, so I agreed to the terms.  After I graduated from HS, I went into a nursing program and work my way through with art commissions of portraits of people and animals and murals thoughout southern California.  I married and had a family and move from Southern Virginia to Sacramento and raised 3 children and changed to another career choice.  I retired after 35 years of state service with the State Controllers Office and since then I am totally centered in my art.

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