Diana J Holt

Diana Holt, Artist

Diana Holt

I’ve always had a slightly different perspective on things, both visually and mentally. My tendency is to see proportion and line and then to fill in the depths.  Even as a young child,

I would step outside of myself and analyze and compare, not seeing myself in
relation to an object – that came later.  Instead, I was a recorder of information, or
a camera, or witness to events.
Nevertheless, I was already in my 40’s before attempting to share my experiences visually.
I studied pastels and oils with Susan Sarbeck, Irene Lester, Rhonda Egan. Then, discovered the talented fine art educators  at Los Rios Unified Community Colleges, and studied various mediums, ceramics, print-making, sculpture, etc.
I began showing my work in 2006, with an oil painting accepted into Northern California
Arts’ show,  Bold Expressions. Throughout the past 14 years, I’ve actively entered and
shown my pieces throughout the greater Sacramento area – from Auburn to Fairfield,
from Lincoln to Lodi and Tracy., and also in a few venues in Southern California. In addition, I
co-chaired NCA’s Bold Expressions art exhibit from 2007 through 2012, at the Sacramento
Fine Art Center.  I’ve also achieved the Senior Signature level of artist standing with NCA.
I hope you enjoy seeing my work as much as I enjoy sharing it with you!
Diana Holt

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