Now Showing in Gallery 3: Artist Standing Exhibit

Artist Standing Exhibit

The Artist Standing Exhibit will be on display in Gallery 3, October 1st – 27th.  This exhibit describes the Artist Standing program alongside works from NCA members at different levels.  Come be inspired to grow as an artist!

  • Exhibit October 1st -27th, Hours Open:
    • Tuesday 11 AM-7 PM
    • Wednesday through Friday, 11 AM-3 PM
    • Saturday and Sunday, 11 AM-5 PM

Painted Desert by NCA Master Artist Judy Knott

Many thanks to the following artists for providing artwork for this exhibit:

  • Paul Dessau: Artist Standing Chair
  • Stephanie Lindsay: Artist, Exhibit Coordinator
  • Barbara Marshall: Artist
  • Joan McMurray: Signature Artist
  • Charlotte Richmond: Signature Artist
  • Katie Fleming: Master Artist
  • Carol Ross: Master Artist
  • Sally Durante: Master Artist
  • Judy Knott: Master Artist
  • Phyllis Eymann: Master Artist
  • Skip Lee: Master Artist
  • David Peterson: Master Artist


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