Artistic Journey 2018 Award Winners and Exhibitors

Announcing the Artistic Journey 2018 Awards and Exhibitors lists. Thanks go to esteemed and renowned artist Anne Bradley for judging Northern California Arts Inc.’s 2018 Membership Show!

Steve Memering “Leaving the Village” Best of Show

Artistic Journey 2018 Awards List

Best of Show: Steve Memering “Leaving the Village”

Florence Ferrario Memorial Award : Wende Obata “Aqua Dream”

Joan Gunter Award : Judy Sowa “Your Profile Said You Were a Prince”

Level 3 – Advanced

First Place Level 3: Telagio Baptista “Street Fiddler”

Second Place Level 3: John Nichols “View of Moab”

Third Place Level 3: Carilyn Moyer “Glamping”

Award of Excellence Level 3: Anthony Forster “Justine”

Award of Excellence Level 3: David Peterson “Walk in the Park”

Award of Excellence Level 3: Daphne Stammer “Red”

Honorable Mention Level 3: Sheila Mun Jacobs “Lollipop”

Honorable Mention Level 3: Rebecca Jaggers “Abstracted Sticks”

Honorable Mention Level 3: Skip Lee “Figure with a White Hat”

Level 2 – Intermediate

First Place Level 2: Chris Foster “Leave Magic”

Second Place Level 2: Paul Dessau “Flow of Conscious I”

Third Place Level 2: Liz Hendrix “Finally”

Award of Excellence Level 2: Valerie Birkhoff “Work It”

Award of Excellence Level 2: Linnea Koze “American River #3”

Award of Excellence Level 2: Randy Thacker “Hardwired”

Honorable Mention Level 2: Deborah Hill “Elk Horn Slough I”

Honorable Mention Level 2: Randy Honerlah “Letting Go”

Honorable Mention Level 2: Dianne Mattar “Unseen”

Level 1 – Beginner

First Place Level 1: Ray Aubrey “Heart Valve”

Second Place Level 1: Chris Knopp “Pool Cool”

Third Place Level 1: Steph Lindsay “Saw the Sun”

Award of Excellence Level 1: Barbara Damon “Field of Gold”

Honorable Mention Level 1: Peggy Colombo “The Woods”

Artistic Journey 2018 Accepted Works List

Marj Allen-Koerber “Beauty in the Temple”

Terry Atkinson “Red Crowned Cranes”

Ray Aubrey “Face Your Demons”

Ray Aubrey “Heart Valve”

Mikki Bako-Sorensen “Veggie Soup?”

Mikki Bako-Sorensen “Amide the Tangled Branches”

Telagio Baptista “Street Fiddler”

Telagio Baptista “One Hot VW”

Mary Beam “Popsicle Sky”

Valerie Birkhoff “Work It”

Valerie Birkhoff “Dream It”

Kathi Bristow “My Playground”

Marcille Calvert “Blow a Party”

Linda Carr “Orange Apple and Lemon”

Peggy Colombo “The Woods”

Nancy Compton “Silent Waterfall”

Marie Crockett “The View”

Marie Crockett “Stream”

Barbara Damon “Have You Seen Bambi?”

Barbara Damon “Field of Gold”

Paul Dessau “Flow of Conscious I”

Paul Dessau “Flow of Conscious II”

Sally Durante “Blue-eyed Bowie”

Rhonda Egan “Spring Highway 88”

Rhonda Egan “Tomalis Red”

Marilyn Fairchild “In Days of Make Believe”

Marilyn Fairchild “Time on My Hands”

Katie Fleming “Tower Morning”

Katie Fleming “Stephanie in Pearls”

Anthony Forster “Justine”

Anthony Forster “The Old Barn”

Chris Foster “The Gap”

Chris Foster “Leave Magic”

Sharla Freeman “Spring Time at Sutter Butte”

Sharla Freeman “Sunset on Half Dome”

Annik Gunter “Hmong Year of Dog”

Carol Hawkins “Organix/Geo”

Liz Hendrix “Finally”

Liz Hendrix “Show Girls”

Deborah Hill “Elk Horn Slough I”

Deborah Hill “Pam’s Protea”

Diana Holt “On the Patio”

Diana Holt “Simple Pleasure”

Randy Honerlah “Letting Go”

Randy Honerlah “Sakura”

Diane Hornor “Caribbean Imagination”

Barbara Lee Hugo “La Bella Uva”

Barbara Lee Hugo “Blowing in the Wind”

Donnella Hurley “The Cardinal in Winter”

Donnella Hurley “Chrysanthemums”

Sheila Mun Jacobs “Lollipop”

Sheila Mun Jacobs “Spiker”

Rebecca Jaggers “Abstracted Sticks”

James Johnson “Point Lobos SP”

Gloria Kincade “Remembering the Alhambra”

Gloria Kincade “Lady Liberty”

Chris Knopp “Haleakala”

Chris Knopp “Pool Cool”

Linnea Koze “American River #3”

Linnea Koze “Octopus #2”

Skip Lee “Figure with a White Hat”

Helen Lewis “Genevieve”

Diana Licon “Two on a stick”

Diana Licon “Umbria Region of Italy”

Step Lindsay “Saw the Sun”

Step Lindsay “Standing Ready”

Bobbie MacBride “Mysterious Manifestation”

Dianne Mattar “Layer of Silence”

Dianne Mattar “Unseen”

“Ragged Red Tail”

Steve Memering “Leaving the Village”

Jodie Mexas “Troubled Seas”

Jodie Mexas “Blue Ridge Waterfall”

Jan Miller “Sierra”

Jan Miller “Evening Delta”

Carilyn Moyer “Glamping”

Carilyn Moyer “Lad with the Pearls”

Carla Nabity “Waterlily Delight”

John Nichols “View of Moab”

Wende Obata “Aqua Dream”

Wende Obata “Psychedelia”

David Peterson “Color Me Fun”

David Peterson “Walk in the Park”

Dawn Reed “Rubicon River”

Dawn Reed “Bay View Sunset”

Ellie Rosen “Whiskey Dream”

Ellie Rosen “Two in One”

Carol Ross “By the Sea #6”

Carol Ross “Yosemite Series #20”

Nancy Salerno “Vigil”

Nancy Salerno “Shadow Boxing the Apocalypse”

Barbara Schneider “Sweet and Sour”

Rose Sloan “Apple Hill”

Rose Sloan “Daffodils”

Tim Sloan “Pebble Beach Coast”

Tim Sloan “Studio Scene”

Sylvia Smith “Faces”

Sylvia Smith “Space”

Judy Sowa “Giddy Up”

Judy Sowa “Your Profile Said You Were a Prince”

Daphne Stammer “Break Free”

Daphne Stammer “Red”

Vicki Stenken “Light Serenity”

Randy Thacker “Hardwired”

Lee Thatcher “Christmas Tree”

Lee Thatcher “The Pier”

Sandra Torguson “Reverence”

Sandra Torguson “March 2018 Mandala”

Mary Wang-Steele “Cabaret”

Leslie Wentworth “Cuba Mojito Stop”

Leslie Wentworth “It;’s What’s Left”

Stephanie Winman “Alligator Pond”

Stephanie Winman “Jenner by the Sea”

Sandie Zang “Spring Delight”

Sandie Zang “Central New York”

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