Courtney Thomas

Courtney Thomas, Art HistorianI studied Art History at UC Berkeley and graduated in May of 2016. The artists that I am most inspired by include Piet Mondrian, Ancient Greek painters and sculptors, and Fabrice Montiero. I occasionally do some photography (mostly of my brother playing baseball and plants).

I passionately believe that arts and music are vital to communities. My studies in art history have taught me that the arts play a fundamental role in enriching and empowering cultures, as well as allowing people to connect and communicate on a sensorial level. My goal is to help create, preserve, and advance the arts in communities with the hope that future generations will continue to have access to and benefit from art, music, and theater programs. When I’m not working, my favorite things to do are spending time with my family, especially my younger brother and sister and their significant others, and traveling.

Courtney Thomas in a group photo

White Orchid Photo by Courtney Thomas

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