Stephanie Lindsay

Stephanie Lindsay, Internet Technology 2018 and 2019

Stephanie Lindsay’s artsteph persona describes herself as a classically untrained mixed media artist. Her current work consists largely of salvaged materials and hubris, which she weaves into a substrate that supplies the heavy texture she craves upon which to dry-brush layers of acrylics with tireless fascination.

She has been known to take a nice photo occasionally as well, but that is usually by accident.

This work is the physical expression of her constant drive to explore potential connections—logical and otherwise—between everything she encounters and integrate the seemingly unrelated wherever possible.

If pressed for an artist’s statement, she simply says “It’s all a working theory until I become omniscient.” 

The Next Mystery, mixed media by artsteph


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  • Stephanie, you have done an AMAZING job helping with this website and I’m looking forward to you serving on the 2018 board!

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