Marie Crockett

Marie Crockett, NCA Raffle Chair

Marie Crockett is an established artist in the Greater Sacramento California area. With many years of experience working in a variety of mediums, Marie has set herself apart as a distinct creative individual within the art community.  Also, as a working artist, Marie has created art that ranges from basic landscapes to murals to tiles.

Marie Crockett has been studying art since early childhood.  As a formally trained artist, Marie has gained both skill and knowledge in various forms of art from classically inspired oils to the delicate nuances of watercolors, and subtleties of the Japanese Sumi-E (or “ink picture”) style which captures the spirit of the rock, flower, bird or landscape in bold strokes.

To see more of Marie’s work, visit her website.


Oil landscape painting by Marie Crockett

Oil landscape painting by Marie Crockett


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